In Search Of Ltd.

We are primarily in the business of making M.M.M.M Biochar (Moistened.Micronized.Mineralized.Microbialized) that plants & animals benefit from due to the carbon structure housing a Manhattan of microbes & molecules. Biochar has a range of applications we at ISO Ltd. are particularly interested in those of it as a soil ammendment, animal feed & reducing eutrophication from run-off in rivers.Beyond the direct benefits of Biochar to the environment it is in we aim in time to have it recognized as a stable carbon sink in NZ to help further incentivize it's production/use to help mitigate the effects of climate change.


Products & Services

We offer:
M.M.M-Biochar ($2.50/litre), has been micronized, mineralized & moistened so you can prepare it for application as you want.
Microbialized M.M.M-Biochar (~$3.00/litre) M.M.M-Biochar that also has been microbialized through vermicomposting/aerated compost tea ready to be used in agriculture.
Sweet Ass-M^3-Biochar Animal Feed ($3.00/litre) M.M.M Biochar mixed with a natural sugar source this sweet and salty snack your animals will chow down on improving weights/health and spread microbialized M.M.M-Biochar for you with the added bonus of less farts & burps good for the planet & your land!

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Our Process

Making Biochar

We utilize a Kon-tiki Kiln which forms a flame-cap where biomass is reduced to Biochar. The fire is then quenched with seawater to moisten & mineralize. We then post-process by micronize & screening in a mixer/trommel in our facility. For growing applications we innoculate the Biochar through either vermicomposting (worms) or a aerated manure tea.

How is Biochar so good?


Biochar's catalytic properties come from it having a highly porous & stable carbon structure which enables it to be a Manhattan of microbes & molecules.
Biochar properties include:
High water holding capacity
Improved soil structure
Nutrient supply/retention
Ion-exchange capacity (enhanced by seawater quenching)
Long term stable Carbon Sink

Who is part of ISO LTD

James McNally

I am the primary operator of In Search Of Ltd.
My background is in Chemistry completing a BSc & PGDipSci at Otago Uni (2012).
I sit on the committee of Biochar Network NZ (BNNZ), come join us!.
I also actively volunteer for The Opportunities Party (TOP), who recognize The Opportunties of Biochar